Beware of Scammers on Samtrade 

  1. Samtrade Custodian Limited (St Vincent and the Grenadines company);  
  2. Samtrade Custodian Pte. Ltd. (Singapore company); 
  3. S.A.M. Fintech Pte. Ltd. (Singapore company);  
  4. Samtrade FX Ltd. (St Vincent and the Grenadines company); 
  5. S.A.M. Marketing Private Limited (Singapore company); and  
  6. S.A.M. Trade (V) Limited (Vanuatu company), (all under Interim Judicial Management) (together, the “Companies”).  


Dear Investors,

It has come to our attention that there are parties posing as employees of Samtrade, or falsely claiming to be representatives of Samtrade, reaching out to investors on matters relating to Samtrade.  

We understand that these parties have offered to help investors with, amongst other things, withdrawal requests, password resets and other account security related matters.  

Please do not to respond to any such emails or otherwise communicate with these parties, and do not provide these parties with any personal or financial information. Also, avoid clicking on links included in any such emails, or the attachments, as doing so may result in malware or a virus being loaded on the recipient’s computer. 

From hereon, please reach out to the IJMs’ team (“IJM Team”) for any matters relating to the Companies through the following email address: [email protected]  

Kindly note that the IJMs will not ask you for your personal data via phone call. If you receive any request for your personal data from any party purporting to represent the IJMs via phone call, please do not give out your personal data and verify the authenticity of the request with the IJM Team via email at: [email protected]


The IJMs of the Companies (acting as agents only and without undertaking any personal liability)